Making Our Voices Heard

NAIOP is the voice of our industry, and we want members of the Greater Philadelphia chapter to be heard on the issues and ideas most important to them. We advocate for responsible and progressive development practices, ensuring that key stakeholders are always informed about our industry. We are here to work together with decision makers and to help provide solutions to benefit the residents, businesses, and communities we all serve.

Whether testifying in city hall or advocating in the halls of our state’s capitol, we are driven by our focus on development and all aspects that impact it, such as planning and zoning, construction codes, public policy, and asset management.

NAIOP Philadelphia Legislative Focus

Legislative Focus

‘Growth’ is a term that gets thrown around all too frequently. But for the members of NAIOP, it means some very specific things in the context of how the city of Philadelphia and the region moves forward. Our focus:

  • Investing in new efficiencies – city government needs to establish more consistent planning processes and more uniform zoning regulations, to level what is now an uneven playing field for smaller developers.
  • Removing barriers impeding growth – make ‘the business of doing business’ easier, opening a path for smaller firms, entrepreneurs, newcomers to understand and navigate Philadelphia’s confusing and cumbersome entitlement process.
  • Supporting Black- and Latino-owned businesses – direct support is how we can truly prioritize diversity: by committing to increased city investment in flexible capital for small businesses, particularly those from disadvantaged communities.

  • Attracting and supporting investors – generate new capital investments to the region, bringing outside players to Philadelphia who want to locate here. Utilizing capital to help deliver affordable housing products that meet the needs of neighborhoods and residents.
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NAIOP Greater Philadelphia is a founding member of the Philadelphia Real Estate Alliance (PREA), a collaborative advocacy group with representatives from the region’s four largest real estate associations. Along with NAIOP, the organizations include the General Building Contractors Association (GBCA), Building Owners & Managers Association (BOMA), and the Building Industry Association (BIA).
The objective is for PREA members, city government, and community stakeholders to come together for a common goal: to drive Philadelphia forward to create a model city.
NAIOP Greater Philadelphia members are automatically members of PREA and are invited to its town hall programs in the spring and fall. These events allow members to connect directly with key decision makers and learn about the latest developments occurring in the industry.